Violence Prevention Research Initiative
Collaboration with the Allina Foundation

The Center for Violence Prevention and Control has been involved, since 1996, in a collaborative effort with the Allina Foundation, by serving as a Technical Advisory Team, for investigators associated with six research projects aimed at identifying the magnitude of violence and relevant risk factors. A brief summary of these six projects is presented below:

1. "Understanding the Link Between Child Maltreatment and Woman Battering." Jeff Edleson, Ph.D., Principal Investigator, is focusing on identifying risk factors associated with the co-occurrence of woman battering and child maltreatment. A long term goal of this research study is to ultimately identify and facilitate greater collaboration and cooperation between service providers, including medical organizations, law enforcement, community-based social service agencies, and public welfare programs.
More Info: Understanding the Link Between Child Maltreatment and Woman Battering

2. "Clinical Instruments for Psychotherapy with Sexually Aggressive Children." Jane Gilgun, Ph.D., Principal Investigator, is working to develop theory-based assessment and evaluation instruments to be used in psychotherapy with young, sexually aggressive children. In concert with her study, Dr. Gilgun has undertaken several sub-studies to establish the reliability and validity of the designed instruments.
Published: Gilgun, J. (1998) Clinical instruments for assessing client assets and risks in mental health practice. The Medical Journal of Allina, 7(1).
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3. "Risk Factors for Work-Related Assault Among Nurses." Susan Gerberich, Ph.D., Principal Investigator, has designed this study to identify the magnitude of work-related assault within a major occupational population (licensed registered and practical nurses) and also to identify specific risk factors. From examination of the relation between specific risk factors or protective factors and the occurrence of assault injuries, specific prevention and control efforts can be developed more realistically.

4. "The Cost of Work-Related Assaults in Minnesota." Patricia McGovern, Ph.D., Principal Investigator, is focusing on determining the lifetime costs of work-related assaults. She has also designed a sub-study to assess the impact of occupational assault and disability on individuals and their families. This will help determine the magnitude of resources used to provide the health care and rehabilitation services needed by injured persons, and the implications for worker productivity.
Published: McGovern, Patricia, Kochevar, Laura, Lohman, William, Zaidman, Brian, Gerberich,Susan Goodwin, Nyman, John, and Findorff-Dennis, Mary. The cost of work-related assaults in Minnesota. In press, Health Services Research, 1999.

5."Prehospital Violence Injury Surveillance System." Lynn Boergerhoff, MPH, Principal Investigator, is designing a violence injury surveillance system to collect pre-hospital data that can be linked with hospital medical record data. A long term goal is to establish a continuum of violence injury surveillance data, linking key data elements that will ultimately be used to better understand violence--a necessary prerequisite to planning, implementing, and evaluating appropriate violence prevention programs.
Published: Boergerhoff, Lynn, Gerberich, Susan G., and Waller, Lance. Acceptance pending review of revisions, Annals of Emergency Medicine, 1999.

6. "The Prevalence of Domestic Violence in Rural Minnesota." Marion Kershner, PHN, MPH, Principal Investigator, is working to determine demographic characteristics and health problems of battered women, who seek care in outpatient clinics of rural Minnesota; data pertinent to demographic charachteristics are integral to this effort. A long term goal of this research is to provide data that can be used for appropriate inservice education to health care providers, and to ultimately reduce the incidence of violence in the communities they serve.
Published: Kershner M, Long D, and Anderson JE. (1998) Abuse against women in rural Minnesota. Public Health Nursing, 15(6):422-431.

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